Thermopool ltd .....Recycled energy heating


 Our Story

Our interest in alternative heating came about during an extremely cold winter, when our founder experimented with waste oil for heating his swimming pool at a time when heating oil was at a premium. After many months of experimentation and further trials, a completely new heating system finally emerged, totally changing the whole concept of alternative heating with waste oil. This revolutionary heating system now heats this indoor swimming pool and large 6 bedroom family home at no cost.

 Our Approach

We are a small team of dedicated experts in our field, committed to offering a personal tailored consultation to each new client. Whilst we do not have a wide product range we do have a registered patented waste oil heating system that is a world class.

We are further developing other products to meet the current needs of alternative heating whilst remaining committed to the same goal of simple reliable and professional waste oil heating systems at affordable prices.